Copenhagen Monday // Man Was Made To Fear The Deep

As y’all are well aware, over the last few months the swim and I have been working out our marital issues with a counselor (the 25-meter lap pool at Life Time Fitness). Swim wants me to love it as much as it loves me. But alas, I struggle greatly, because I don’t know if I can or will ever be able to achieve the level of devoted admiration swim desires from me.

Enter into that melee of relationship ruckus, today’s Copenhagen Motivation Monday short. Sixty-one seconds from Chris Shimojima that kinda makes me wanna give ‘loving swim’ another shot. I mean, true love takes time and consistent unrelenting effort. Right? Plus, with a phrase like: ”Man was made to fear the deep, but you, you’re here to find it,” it’s hard to resist the pull of the mighty orbit of love whose core is an unconditional enjoyment of the swim.