And Ooooooh The Merch

Remember last month when I announced there’s a YouTube channel in the hopper with the first video to be released on May 1st (10 days from today EEEEE)? You don’t remember?  Well click here to go back and read about it, everyone else keep reading.  In conjunction with the YouTube roll-out, I’ve also launched an online store, that is now live. 

What’s the thought process behind opening a store?  When I started this blog, I wanted to unabashedly and with (sometimes embarrassing) honesty, share the triumphs and the disasters/disappointments, and all the ‘feels’ in between, of being a mid-pack triathlete.  I employ such candor in hopes that someone will read (or starting in May, watch on YouTube) all that I share and say to themselves, she’s just like me, if she can do it, so can I!  

When I first started triathlon seven years ago, I was intimidated by the flashiness of more experienced racers.  By their size (tiny), their speed (I ate their dust), and by their gear.  My candor on this blog and on YouTube hopefully will destroy those feelings of inferiority beginners and seasoned folks struggle with.  Replacing it with the confident knowledge that we’re all the same, no matter the size, the gear or the speed.  

I also remember as a newbie, having no idea where to get cool stuff that I could wear (outside of race t-shirts or t-shirts with the name of a given vendor) that yelled to the world how awesum (nope that’s not misspelled, because as triathletes, are we NOT the sum of ALLLLLL the awe?) I was because I AM A TRIATHLETE.  Thus, the creation of the store where there are products for both you AND your support crew.  Why also include stuff for your Sherpas?  Because the longer you remain a triathlete, the more you realize your journey is so much better with a loving support crew on race day.

Check it out!  There’s now a link in the menu at the top of this page titled: “The Store” that will take you there.  Or you can click here to view the store.  The store ships domestically and internationally.  Have suggestions?  Shoot me an email, feedback is great fodder for growth and for reaching more of our global multi sport family.  You may now break out into your own version of the 1985 hit: “We Are The World.”

Happy perusing!