Copenhagen Monday // Leave No Doubt

Awwwww yeah, it’s race week y’all! I have my first tri (a quick sprint distance) of the season here in Dallas this weekend. Additionally, several friends and team members will be racing in both Houston (covering that 140.6 mile distance) and also at Lake Ray Roberts just northwest of Dallas where the distances are Sprint, Olympic and X-50 (not quite a 70.3, but a challenge nonetheless).

Which means this Copenhagen Motivation Monday is all about preparing for battle.

And as a huge football fan, I loved ALL the words in this pregame pep talk from West Virginia University’s head football coach Bill Stewart right before he led his number nine ranked Mountaineers onto the field to play and eventually upset the then number three ranked Oklahoma Sooners in the Tostito’s Bowl in 2008.

...y’all...wherever the race gun bids you push your limits this weekend, when that finish line is crossed (and you WILL cross it), leave no doubt that all was given, all was spent. No hesitation. No regrets.