Chicanery & The Companion Guide I write posts I always try to be, know, creative with my titles.  Mostly because I despise titles like: “5 ways you can (insert something you need to improve on here).”  Or “She drank this drink and you’ll never guess what happened next!”  And I always say, ‘you’re right, I won’t, mostly because, I don’t care.’

So today, as I was trying to think up a catchy title, I really wanted to use the word “chicanery.”  It seemed apropos, like it was a kissing cousin with the word “shenanigans.”  Turns out, I was wrong.  (Click here for the definition) .  But being wrong never stopped me before, I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND INSERT MY OWN (kind of like I do when people ask me my age) and today, the word “chicanery” is gonna mean the same thing as “shenanigans,” light and carefree tom foolery that’ll bring a smile to even the most sour of the pusses!

All that build-up to tell y’all this: I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel as a video companion guide, (of sorts...or not) to this, my written babblings about my multi-sport adventures.  It’s my hope to post a couple videos a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays).  What are the videos going to be of/about?  I dunno.  Recently, a few friends said I should do it, and since I’m highly suggestible, I said: “ow, ow, twist my arm, okay sure!”

My channel name is “Make The Body Follow,” and I’ll do a few soft rollouts between now and May 1st, but after May 1st, the goal is twice a week you get a peek of whatever is going on in my sphere of influence.  It’s a bit scary, only because I don’t think anyone will watch it and I am no where close to knowing  what I’m doing.  It’s also a bit overwhelming because now I have to come up with content.  LOTS of content.  Meh, it’ll be a great activity in creative thinking.  So here ya go, your first peek

Novia Plummer