A Transparent Discourse With The Truth

A little over a week ago, I ran my second marathon in Phoenix, Arizona.  I went in a lot better prepared physically and mentally than I was for the Marine Corps Marathon back in October (2017).


While I finished and collected my medal and patted myself on the back for a race I fought hard not to quit, I was miserable.  I’ve come to the realization that I hate marathons.  In the fall of 2001, I ran my first half-marathon in Virginia Beach, VA.  Thirteen point one miles was a really long distance back then, but now, it’s seven miles and then a little less than a 10K (that’s how I break it up in my mind, seven miles of warmup and then we work for 6.1 more miles).  Now, seventeen years later, 13.1 is attainable without question.

However, with a marathon, both times I got close to that 13.1 mile halfway point, my mind panicked shouting “CRIMENY, NOW WE HAVE TO START ALL OVER AND DO IT AGAIN!”  I know that the mind has to be trained, and completing two marathons does not a strong mind make.  But that lessens not my disdain for the 26.2 mile distance.  I am very comfortable in admitting, I’m not a marathoner, I don’t enjoy the distance, you will never see a 26.2 mile sticker on my car or a 26.2 mile magnet on my refrigerator.  NO!  While I’ll proudly wear the swag, I’m’ah wear it until it falls off my body because there aren’t going to be anymore marathon expos to replace said swag.

In a separate email to my coach after Phoenix, I told him that I don’t ever want to run a marathon again.  I said that I had one, maybe two marathons left in me.  Those being the marathon at the end of IRONMAN Copenhagen and the Marine Corps Marathon this October should I be selected in the lottery.  I HAVE to run MCM once more to right the absolute wrong I did to that course last year!  But after that, I’m tapping out and choose to stick to the short course triathlons and races, such as half IRONMAN and half-marathons.  

I don’t feel any shame or disappointment over my decision.  Nope, it’s a truth I’m very comfortable abiding in.  I know my limits and how hard I am willing to push myself and my transparent discourse with the truth is that marathons and I are like heaven and hell, there are no similarities or common ground.  I choose to reside in heaven and leave the struggle to those better suited to endure the fire.