Copenhagen Monday // The Push To Finish

Y'all, it's been a rough couple of training weeks. I'm tired, it's cold, I haven't been sleeping well and my body feels like it's breaking down. All of my runs have been performed with fear and timidity as I fight angry calves and the following suit of the uprising of their compatriots: the angry achilles.

We're two weeks out from Phoenix where I hope to best my time at Marine Corps last October by 45 minutes. It's doable. I've put in the work. But I'm tired and I hurt.

With all that emotion/feeling piggy backing on this train called "me," when I found the below, it hit RIGHT where I am in this moment. I even teared up at the end. On this Copenhagen Motivation Monday, I need to remember the push to finish does not end, until the finish line is crossed...with both feet.

video credit: your average runner