Copenhagen Monday // Because My Inner Demons Will Tremble Before Me

Early last week, days out from the Phoenix Marathon, my coach asked where I was mentally and if I was ready for the ramp up of training as we push forward to Copenhagen when I returned to Dallas after Phoenix.  

Fair question. But also a moment to pause. As I've shared in other posts, the last three weeks have been difficult physically and mentally. At a few points along the way, I've entertained the thought: "this isn't even full training load yet. If I can't endure now, I'll most certainly crumble in the coming months."

But I kept going, kept training, kept pushing. I didn't stop, didn't quit. Because of my bull-headedness to stay the course and push through the physical and mental discomfort over the last couple of weeks, I love this two and a half minute snippet of motivation I found for Copenhagen Motivation Monday. Thanks to the folks at Unger Motivation.

As my training load continues to increase, and I flex and adjust and get stronger, my inner demons will no longer tremble before me. No. They will run from me, in search of a new domicile to torment.

Count on it!