My Other Life

It's kinda awkward when I haven't seen someone for a long time.  That "what have you been up to" question always stumps me.  Because the answer is: well, training and going to work and trying to fit in healthy eating and good sleep.  How boring is that?!?!  

But then again, people who hang with me on a regular basis find out my world is so much more than what the previous paragraph would lead you to believe!  I volunteer at my church as a youth leader.  In that space, I am a small group leader of ninth grade girls. I pour into their lives, go to their school events, encourage them via text, email, the gram of the insta and at mid-week youth service.  I volunteer at a shelter for battered women.  Every month, I focus on learning a new skill, this month I’m focusing on strengthening my skills with my Canon EOS Rebel.  More skills means more entertainment for yall!  WOO HOO right?!?!  

Anywhoozle, below are some pics from my ‘other’ life over the past couple of weeks for your perusal.