Copenhagen Monday // From The Horse's Mouth

This one band camp...NO REALLY...

This week's Copenhagen Motivation Monday comes from ME!!! Yuppers, you get to hear from the horse's mouth why I tri! (side note: this is where you get all giddy and such)

This video is from...WOW four years ago.  A couple of months before I competed in my first half-Ironman in Muskoka, Ontario CANADA. 

It's from my wonderful caregivers at Tri Shop here in Plano.  They're my caregivers because I bought BOTH of my racing bikes (more lovingly known as "Statham") from them.  And their folks keep him (Statham) AND me humming with bike care and maintenance and all the supplies I'll ever need to be an awesome triathlete.  If you're in the area, they're  the best triathlon shop in Texas, you should check them out.  Link is here.