RACE REPORT: RiverCities Triathlon (Sprint Distance)

Here ya go.  The unedited race report I wrote for my coach.

Rivercities Triathlon
Sunday August 6, 2017
Shreveport, Louisiana

5:00 AM CDT
2 Muscle Milks (total 320 calories)

7:05 AM CDT
1 Gu (total 100 calories)

7:45 AM CDT
My wave started

Didn’t grab the temp at start but the whole race was high 80s with cloud cover and humidity.

I have no regrets about this race.  Really proud of a lot of things.  The only regret I have (overall) is that I’m not doing any more tris this year.  I think I did some really good stuff at this race and would like to see how I improve on it.  But I’m good with waiting until next season. My focus is on Marine Corps Marathon now and I’m happy that I finished my tri season with something I can be proud of.

Overall finish 2:01:26.9
Division          26 out of 47
Gender            171 out of 299
Overall            541 out of 793

Swim (800 Meters)
21:45.5            (2:29/100 yd)
Division          24 out of 47
Gender            187 out of 299

This race had a TON of slow swimmers.  I started close to the front, close to the buoy line (buoy line was on our right).  And immediately got into a comfortable rhythm despite having to jockey for space.  But right after the first buoy, I took water in (the girl beside me zigged when I thought she would zag) directly down the windpipe.  Which meant my body shut down the air hole and I couldn’t breathe.  I stopped swimming, looked around, trying to breathe and then the sane/calm side of my mind kicked in and told me to flip over on my back and back stroke until I was able to draw in air again and my adrenaline lessened.  This happened over a period of about 45 seconds.

I pulled it together, flipped over, and started swimming again, and caught up with the pack I’d left when I flipped on my back AND I passed them.  What the wha?!?!?  I NEVER have roadkill in the swim.  Usually in the swim, I AM the roadkill!  So the fact that I caught up with folks after laying on my back gazing at the sky and trying to breathe again for 45 seconds or so, and also passed them and had an overall average of 2:29/100yd, yup we were all slow swimmers!

I’m really happy that happened in the swim because I reacted exactly how I’ve been taught, ‘forward motion no matter what.’  And despite the fact I wasn’t pulling in air, and was a bit panicked, I continued forward motion and was able to collect myself and continue.  Muskoka shook me because I know what to do in circumstances of panic in the water and all of those coping techniques were nowhere to be found in my brain at Muskoka.  At this race, it was second nature and I was relieved to discover that that second nature isn’t gone.  It’s still there 

Transition 1

Bike (18.2 Miles)
58:32.8            (18.7 mph)
Division          22 out of 47
Gender            117 out of 299
Average HR    153
Max HR          161
Average RPM 83
Max RPM       112

Oh my gosh Mike, I’m a BEAST!!!!  The ride was a great ride because it was all blacktop, no back roads Texas chipseal crap! Coming out of the water, I decided I was going to ride hard and I did for the majority of the ride.  There were a couple of hills that I chose not to push speed on and hung back. And there was a guy who was a total idiot when he passed me that said mean things to me and I responded in kind and I caught up with him on a hill and chose not to push and pass him because I didn’t want to be yelled at again. 

He was upset because I was following the draft zone rules.  He was angry that I wasn’t going fast enough in the zone when I was passing and wanted me to speed up so he could pass me and the other guy I was in the zone passing.  I wasn’t going to speed up, I’m’ah use ALLLLL of those 15 allotted seconds!  Anyway, I caught up to him on a short climb and held back and then passed him on the descent.  I was willing to give up the time by hanging back as opposed to hearing his stupid mouth again on the climb.

There were a couple times when I pushed hard on inclines or got out of the saddle to stretch on downhills when I could’ve been pedaling.  Overall, I think strategically, I rode it well.

I’d planned to eat 2 shot bloks at the top of the ride then 2 halfway through the ride (at mile 9).  I ate the two at the top of the ride and then accidentally dropped my fuel on the road so didn’t do the planned fuel half way through.

I took 32 ounces of PowerAde zero with Nuun on the bike with me, but I only hydrated once when I was going downhill.  I was too concerned about maintaining speed to hydrate, which I recognize that in a longer race, sacrificing hydration would’ve been my downfall.

Transition 2 // 2:19.9

Run  (3.1 Miles)
35:37                11:29/mile
Division           34 out of 47
Gender            219 out of 299
Average HR     159
Max HR            167

I was concerned that riding full-tilt on the bike would mean I would have shredded legs and would tank the run.  So, coming off the bike, I had one goal, keep it in Z2.  I knew I could maintain Z2 off the bike, because you’ve had me do it several times.  Even though it was a sprint, theoretically, I should’ve pushed Z3, maybe threshold, but I’ve not done that consistently off the bike in practice so I didn’t want to try to do something that I had no idea whether or not I could sustain for a 5K.  I laughed at myself during the run because I’ve been focusing on controlling HR on hills/inclines.  And even though there weren’t any hills on the run course, there were slight inclines and I laughed because my HR sat right at 160 on those slight inclines and didn’t teeter over.  It didn’t kick into Z3 until I picked up speed in the last 300 of the run.  Turns out that attention to inclines and how my HR responds is working.  Thus, I didn’t have to walk at all to pull HR back to Z2, and I was able to sit right in the “sweet spot” right before Z3 and maintain it.

I carried 24 ounces of Powerade Zero w/a Nuun tablet on the run and consumed all 24 ounces before the finish line. Had to make a conscious effort to drink it all on the run, as I knew I was in deficit after having ignored hydration on the ride.

My rank dropped by 12 in my division on the run, but that doesn’t concern me.  I did exactly what I set out to do, run a consistent Z2 run off a pretty kick-arse (for me) bike.  Now that I know I am capable of riding strong on the bike AND posting a consistent Z2 on the run, I’m excited to test the limits of pushing harder on the run during sprints next season.




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