Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me?!?!?

Late last summer, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  I was angry and in denial, because (as I argued with my, then, doctor) my lifestyle is the kind of lifestyle pre-diabetics are told to adopt to stop being pre-diabetic/prevent rolling over into full-blown diabetes.  He pointed out that I can fight my genes, but I can't change them.  My father is insulin-dependent and my maternal grandmother is also a diabetic.

So, I had to change how I ate.  Basically, I adapted the keto way of life and was limited to 150 grams of carbs a day of which no more than 25 of those grams could be sugar.  BIG change, all of a sudden, the girl who hates to cook had to start eating things that weren't already prepared.  Meaning, I had to cook.  Forget 'clean' eating, my diet was almost 'transparent' it was so clean.  

HOWEVER, I ran into a bit of a problem: food spoilage and general apathy.  I'd prep most of my food on the weekends, but not for Wednesday - Friday.  I'm not one of those people who eat the same thing over and over and over, so my meal preps weren't easy and when I wasn't prepared later in the week, I fell flat on my face when I tried to eat healthfully.  Another thing that hindered my healthy eating post Wednesdays was that I hated washing dishes and the deeper into the week I got, the less dishes I wanted to wash so the less likely I was to make those final three lunches.  I don't cook because I hate to wash dishes and clean up the resulting mess.

BUT (notice the pattern of starting every paragraph with capped words...overuse of overemphasis...nobody ever accused me of being 'under-dramatic, if there is such thing) recently I had an epiphany.  How about I get a vacuum sealer, that way, I can prep all my meals on Saturdays and not worry about the meals I eat at the end of the following week going mushy, nasty, bad.  And GOOD GOOGLY MOOGLY, I got the vacuum sealer this weekend and had a magical time vacuum sealing everything.  I vacuum sealed five days worth of eggs/bacon/red Swiss chard for the following week.  AND five days worth of lunches.  For the first time in forevs, I was set.  All my meals (10 snacks, 5 lunches and 5 breakfasts) were prepped, the dishes washed and all I had to do was pull out the vacuum sealed bags, cut them open, heat up the contents and eat like a queen (a really healthy queen that is).  I LOVE this vacuum sealer thing!  How come nobody ever told me about it before! I've been LIBERATED!!!

POST SCRIPT to the vacuum sealing giddiness: earlier this week, I had an appointment with my new doctor who did a series of blood tests in addition to glucose tolerance testing.  The good news is my pancreas breaks down sugar exactly how it's supposed to, no worries there.  Additionally, the markers originally notated last August are on the decline, TAKE THAT FAULTY GENES, HOW YOU LIKE A SISTAH NOW!?!?!?  WATERMELON AND BEETS ALL AROUND!  LET'S CELEBRATE!!!

Let me know if y'all need anything vacuum sealed...have vacuum, will seal! Here to serve!