Magic Wipee Thingee

Six years into triathloning and the thing that I buy most frequently (outside of socks and bike chain cleaner) is goggles.  I am really hard on goggles.  From makeup to the grossness of Texas man-made lakes that I swim in, once goggles enter my sphere of destruction, they're not long for this earth.

Earlier this year, I started a new job.  At my new job on top of first aid kits on all four floors in both west and south supply rooms is a box of "Lens Wipes".  Curious, I took a couple and cleaned my reading glasses, cleaned my iPhone, cleaned my lap top screen AND THEN when I went back to get more of these Magical "I can see clearly now the gunk is gone" Wipee Thingees, I actually read the box they came out of and it said: (where's the angelic choir singing "Hallelujah" when you need it?) "For use on Goggles & Lenses". BOOOOOOM!  I'm'ah take some of these home and clean my nasty goggs.

Fast forward to the next day when I bought my gogs into the office (because I got busy and forgot to grab a couple of wipes to take them home) and a tad bit skeptical it'd work, I cleaned off one side of the goggles and it was MAGICAL!  Like brand-spankin'-new.  No more eye makeup buildup (I know, I know, I take my make-up off before I swim, but I can't get all the residual off with just the makeup remover wipes I use at the gym, I get 90% of it off and the rest comes off in the shower after the workout) no more nasty Texas lake water scum.  IT WAS LIKE AN OASIS THAT WASN'T AN OASIS BUT IT WAS AN OASIS IN THE MIDDLE OF A DESERT!

I was floored, because I'd tried EVERYTHING I've searched the internet over and over and over and tried most everything people suggested and everyone of those things failed.  Which is why I feel I single handedly support the goggle industry.  And then you have the nare-the-wells that chastised you for touching the inside of the goggs as you don't want to wash/wipe/or scratch that protective anti-fog covering off.  

Well, I have one thing to say to all of those people...SHUUUUUUUUT UP!  Pretty sure grandma would tell me to find a kinder way to say that...but Grandma doesn't read this blog (or even know what a blog is), so I think I'm safe!  These magical wipee thingees are also anti-fog.  And they WORK.  The first time I used my freshly cleaned goggs, I went from an hour tempo run straight into the pool (well, I stopped and changed and rinsed off first).  Usually, because I'm still hot, if I don't sit with my goggs in the pool for a minute or so, they fog up from the temperature differential.  NOT ANYMORE. 

To test the powers of the Magic Wipee Thingees, I went into the pool after that long run, sans dipping of the goggles, and there was NO fog...AT ALL...I TOLD YOU the wipes were all MAGICAL and such!  No fog, I was swimming, getting nosy with the folks on deck (now that I could see them) were doing.

I now clean the goggs once a week with the Magic Wipee Thingees and I think it'll be a very long time before I need to buy a new pair to replace my two current pairs again.  

As I was writing this post, I did a quick search of the internetgooglewebs to tell y'all where you can buy them.  Sad news,  the particular wipes I use are manufactured solely for use in the first aid kits the office.  

But don't you fret! I'm not gonna leave you hanging out in the middle of nowhere with jacked up goggs you can't see further than one and a half inches through!  You can find lens wipes on Amazon.  However, you need to stay focused in your choices.  Don't just get any lens wipes, a couple of things to look for when buying the wipes:

  1. Make sure they're scratch-free/ammonia-free and 
  2. Read in the description, it'll usually say if the wipes can be used on goggles.  When the manufacturer says "goggles" they're thinking "industrial/scientific" but its for the same purpose as our swim goggs.  We (just like the fancy scientists) need our goggs clean, not-scratched and fog prevention.

Now you are thusly educated, go forth, and do GREAT deeds of good in this wonderful world you can see clearly now that those goggs are clean.  Happy CLEAR SIGHTED swimming!