...and in my free time

When people I haven't seen in a long time ask me "how's life" or "what have you been doing lately?" I'm always a bit embarrassed because the answer most of the time leans towards: "sleeping and training."  Unless you're in my immediate sphere of love and happiness, you don't know that it's racing season and basically all I do is eat, sleep, go to work, train, eat and then sleep some more.  I feel a bit sheepish to talk about life with those that don't know me well.  I feel I come across a bit unbalanced.

However, lately, I've been trying to utilize my free time a bit more effectively.  Instead of napping or zoning out to a Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime binge, I've been doing creative things.  

For example, recently I recovered a chair, it took three weekends and around 40-hours, but it was the height of zenlike catharsis.  There's a je ne sais quoi about destroying something and then rebuilding it into something newer/more beautiful.  Some "deep thinkers" may say: "well Novia, that's what you do as a triathlete, you train to replace old habits with new habits, making yourself stronger, faster, better."  But in those moments of peaceful destruction and restoration, I give those deep thinkers the side-eye that clearly communicates: "go away and leave me be in this place of peace in my time of free."

Below is a 30ish second video chronicling the death and rebirth of an oversized chair in my living room.  Next up, the matching ottoman, and maybe this fall/winter, the couch and loveseat!