Getting Ready To Triathlon

I hadn't triathloned since the beginning of August last year.  While I'd returned to training, I'd grown rusty on my pre-race/pre-packing routine.  From cleaning my chain (I rode my road bike for this race) to walking through the three disciplines and what each one required, hurt my noggin a wee-bit.  I used to have a laminated check-list, but I have no idea where it escaped to during my nine month hiatus from triathloning (turns out you can make ANYTHING into a verb if you just put your mind to it...and add an "-ed" or "-ing" to the end of it.)

ANNNYWHO, race report from CapTex Olympic coming on Monday,  It was a good race.  Not fast, but consistent and I moved with a lot of confidence.  It was a bit of a positive harbinger for this season.  It's gonna be awesum!  

Until then, strong training, good sleep, wise food choices, peace, love, happiness to all and to all a good night.