...redeeming love has been my theme...

I've spent time off and on over the past few days focusing on my goals for 2018.  Not resolutions, but goals. 

122917 ...redeeming love has been my theme....jpg

Using the categories: Financial, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Triathlon I start with the big picture by asking myself, "on December 31st of the coming year, what do you want to have accomplished?"  And then, I work backward from there, enumerating what needs to be done to reach that goal, then breaking down that list into a goal list by quarter, then the quarter list by month. 

I also write down the "why" behind the goal.  For example one of my intellectual goals for 2018 is to end "screen time" after 8:00 PM.  Why?

  1. will help me get in bed earlier and get up at a more responsible time
  2. will help me to get consistent restorative sleep
  3. if I get up at a more responsible time, I can get to work earlier and get more done earlier which will allow me to leave at a reasonable time and get my workout done earlier!

For me, knowing the "why" behind a focused behavior modification makes it easier to make those tough trade-off decisions that affect sustainable change.

This year,  as I establish, edit and map my goals, I'm using some new (to me) guidelines created by Rick Sapio (CEO of Mutual Capital Alliance).  While he wrote this process for business owners, I tweaked it a bit for my non-business use, and it's helped me to better concentrate on what is most important in the new year and how to structure a plan that enables me to stand at the end of 2018 counting my successes.  You can find Rick's doc here.

All that is BEHIND you, was in preparation for all that is yet BEFORE you
— Lisa Bevere

One last thing, I know you're wondering why I chose the title "...redeeming love has been my theme..." aren't you?!?! 

It's a phrase from an old hymn and for some odd reason, it's been repeating in my head over and over this week.  2017 was a really rough year for me on all fronts.  But as I've committed time this week to reviewing 2017 and mapping out 2018, I cannot help but feel like 2018 will provide oceans of space to redeem the heartache, brokenness and unremitting struggles of 2017.  Not forget or erase them, but redeem.  For that which is redeemed is not done away with/destroyed, but rather changed, made new.  And with the words of Christian author and speaker Lisa Bevere as a reminder, I enter 2018 with the theme of redemption, thus the title, "...redeeming love has been my theme..."

See you on the other side!