Social Media & My Invisible Friends


When coach and I sat down to talk about the 2018 season I told him the only thing I was concerned about was wrapping my mind around the bike to run at Copenhagen. I was concerned about the mental aspect of it. He told me the mental strength I want/need is borne and grows in non-negotiable small decisions to do what’s required even when I don’t want to. Tonight for the second night in a row this week I left the office after 8...and despite my fatigue, pointed my car to the gym. On tap tonight, twenty 60 second intervals (with 30 sec recoveries) at :20 faster than my 5K pace. Every step I bribed myself, when I wanted to slow my pace and phone it in, I pushed the ‘mill up a tick and watered that seed of non-negotiable decisions, with the sweat that flung from my face and arms as I bullied my way through all 20 repeats at or faster than the prescribed pace. Fertile ground once again watered by this focused Texan...see you in 251 days #IMCopenhagen I’ll be ready for gonna be able to handle me? #Texas2Copenhagen #BrooksEndorsd #Triathlon

Earlier this week, I posted this (on the right) to Instagram.

Just a regular post talking about my journey.  I was a bit surprised at how many people responded "me too."  Or, "thanks for the inspiration, I guesss I'll go do my workout now too."

I LOVE social media (well some of it, I'm not a fan of the book of the face and shun it like I shun getting up before 10 AM on a non-training weekend day) for one reason: it unites a community of like-minded individuals to cheer, prod, console, encourage, boost, embolden (and a whole bevy of other synonyms for "encourage") one-another to be and do better.

I love cruising the gram of the insta seeing my fellow triathletes in other parts of the country (and outside these blessed shores of the U.S.) out there getting it done, no matter what the obstacle (weather, sickness, children, injury, family, fatigue, travelling for work).  Or my triathlon/running peeps who bust through obstacles and PR like a boss.  

I see communities and teams of runners and athletes who within their towns, states, countries come together during races, meeting each other for the first time after having led an "imaginary, virtual" friendship for a long period of time.

In the early 2000s I connected with a virtual running community that to this day I still count a few as great friends.  We've met to break bread together, cheer for each other (going to IM Lake Placid next year to do that very thing) race together, celebrate marriages, new children, graduations and sadly a couple of deaths.  In short, despite the distance that separates us, we still 'do life' together.  

Thank y'all for being a part of my invisible click of friends.  I appreciate your emails, your support your candor and your encouragement.  While social media over the last year seems to have disappointingly denigrated the original purpose of the internet: making the world smaller by connecting people, the vast menagerie of invisible friends I've cultivated from my presence on the internetgooglewebs, far outshines the negativity surrounding us!

See you at the next race...or on the internetgooglewebs, whichever comes first.