Copenhagen Monday // Rest A Bit, Eat A Lot

It's CHRISTMAS!  And my kick butt coach gifted me with the oft elusive, rare couch icon for my TrainingPeaks workout today.  WOO HOO Rest Day!  No motivation needed today, it's all about resting, loving on those that love you and eating to your heart's (and belly's) content.  No holds barred!  Today we pause to rest a bit and eat a lot but tomorrow the Copenhagen expedition continues on!

122517 Copenhagen Monday.jpg

But, because I cannot BEAR the guilt of leaving you empty handed on Motivation Copenhagen Monday, I give you this nom to the nominyness, if (perchance) you are in need of something sinfully wonderful to nom on whilst you rest and enjoy whomever you choose to hang with on this holiday. May I suggest these squares of heavenly goodness from the creative mind of my sweet friend Kelly Jaggerss, food photographer, recipe developer and author.

Recipe here

Hugs and Christmas love across the miles to all y'all my virtual peeps.