Saving Private Fievel

This past Sunday, I hit the road for a 45-minute Zone 1 run.  I live in a neighborhood that has a nature preserve on one side and a green belt on the other.  It's a peaceful and beautiful part of town, and I love training in the beauty!

I was tooling along in the middle of my first mile when I saw a black and white cat looking like it was tracking something.  As I got closer, I realized, it was a mouse!  But as soon as the cat saw me, it froze and stared me down.  All the while, a very small field mouse skittered around the cat's paws and tail.  

But the cat didn't move.  I scrambled to get my phone out of its carrier on my arm to grab video of this real life Tom & Jerry.  But the cat wasn't going to prove its intentions and tried to non-nonchalantly walk away.  I was laughing (inside my head of course) and screaming BE FREEEEEEE little mouse BE FREEEEEEEEEEEEE (also inside my head).

When I was sure the little mouse was safe, I recommenced my run stopping momentarily to glance back.  The cat had crossed back over the street in search of its lost almost-trophy. 

Sorry buddy no meece soup for you!!