...just like riding a bike

It's been a while since I've been on my bike doing something other than flushing out exhausted legs.  

Prior to my two-week break, the lionshare of my training was structured running to build miles for the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of this past October.  But tonight, as I was setting up my bike to ride an easy 45-minutes, I was a bit giddy.  During the ride, I had to pull back reminding myself that I was riding to cadence, not HR.  That this ride was an eeeeeeeezzzee ride. 

I'm chomping at the bit.  My mantra over the last couple weeks has been "no stone un-turned, no workout left undone."  And now that the time of rest has come to an end and I'm back in the "training way", I'm kinda serious about this whole 140.6 thing.  It's actually refreshing/unnerving to have this kind of focus...hide your kids, hide your wife, I'm on a mission here, GET OUTTAH MY WAY!  I may need to back off the Vitamin B a bit...I'm scaring myownself!

It was a good ride and there will be many more and much longer/more intense rides in my near future.  But for tonight, it was good to be back and a tiny relief that despite my semi-sabbatical away from the bike, nothing has changed.  Getting back on was...well you know...

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