Copenhagen Monday! // Uge To

Nope, that's not a misprint in the title.  Uge To is how you say "Week Two" in Danish.  I'm very slowly learning the language in hopes that I'll be able to politely function when I arrive next August.  Using the Duolingo app I'm day-by-day bolstering my Danish proficiency.  So far, my two favorite words are tallerken (plate) and kartoffel (potato).  Prolly won't have any use for those, but hey, I may just run into a kartoffel farmer who'd be more than happy to give me en tallerken af kartofler!

This week's Copenhagen little bit of motivation for you and A LOTTA BIT of motivation for me comes from Mats Boehl-Jacobs a filmmaker who resides in Munich.  A couple weeks ago, I was researching "live bold" videos for a work project and came across Mr. Jacob's below video and LOVED it.  Even though it didn't make the cut for the work project, I bookmarked it for my own encouragement.  It speaks to aspiring to greater, and the cost that one sometimes has to pay to get it, and reach your goal.  For me, that goal is the other side of the finish line after 140.6 miles.