Lower Cost

I'm not sure when I last did laundry.  

I think...maybe...ten days or so ago.  


The ever growing mound of clothes and towels that have almost fully hidden my hamper tell me it's been awhile.  

There are no workout clothes clothespinned on the hanging rack to dry.

I don't have to hunt for two socks that match to get on the road and knock out my workout.  I don't have to rinse out one of my swimsuits that I forgot to rinse out at the gym because I was in a hurry to leave.

Yup, the lazy life WAS good, but now that we're five days in to training for the 2018 season, I HAVE to do laundry.  And the laundry frequency will return to its, "every few days" cycle of removing the funk that only being awesum creates.

So, on this black Friday, I guess I'll venture out and hit Target...maybe they'll have a black Friday deal on detergent and Borax.  Maybe not.