And Then THAT Happened...

Today, I was scheduled to post my race report from The Cowtown Half Marathon.  I was going to write it for my coach on Monday evening after I'd been to see the chiro-guru-magical-fairycal-make-all-hurty-things-better Dr. Sherman.  But when I got home from work on Monday, it'd been a long day, and IT WAS a true rest day.  And I'm not talking about those "ride in the aerobic zone for one hour" or "recovery swims" that certain coaches (who shall remain nameless) put on the calendar and try to pass it off as "active recovery/rest days."  I mean REALLY, since when did the definition of "rest" include ANY kind of movement?!?!  Nope, this was a full-fledged all out increase the couch butt divet rest day and I chose to take advantage of it, thus no effort was exerted to write a race report. 

Then there's Tuesday, I had a 70-minute power interval ride on the trainer on my schedule.  I got home from work, changed clothes, gathered my riding paraphernalia and hunkered down to ride.  But then, I realized my rear tire was flat.  AGAIN!   I pumped it up, got it to 110, put away the pump, get back on my bike and hear the air leaking from the tire.  WHAAAA????  

I unhooked my bike from the trainer, flipped it over, grabbed a pair of latex gloves to protect my kewt manicure, utilized my new found "remove the rear tire" skills, marked the place where the air was coming from with masking tape, hopped in my car and headed to Tri Shop to have the bike dudes there tell me what the issue was.  Turned out, it was a piece of glass.  A new tube AND a new tire later, bike put back together, hooked back into the trainer.  I'm back in the saddle, starting my workout.  20 minutes into the ride, and starting the main set, and CRAP, my left shifter is stuck...I mean REALLY REALLY stuck.  Stop the clock, stop the bike computer, get off, try to figure out why its stuck...twenty minutes later it still won't shift.

I removed Statham from the trainer and hooked my Boy Blue up to the trainer.  It's now 9:15 PM and I still have 50 minutes of riding to do....where's the rolley eyed emoticon when you need it??  GAH!

Currently, its early Wednesday evening.  I'm headed to the gym to lift and swim, I haven't had time to write my race report, let alone float it past my coach first (he always gets first eyes on my race reports).  I've had a few cool things come up in my world today that have stolen my attention and of course that whole "gainfully employed" thing.  So no chance of me focusing enough to write anything of substance.  

And THAT boys and girls is why what was scheduled isn't what you're reading...a lot of stuff has been...well, you know, life happens and such!.