Noun; a plural of index. noun, plural indexes, indices [in-duh-seez]  something used or serving to point out; a sign, token, or indication: a true index of his character.

The most well-known indicies are used to track the stock market which in turn depict the overall health of the economy.  But my indicies, far less world reaching and much easier to measure/understand, are my bathroom and my refrigerator.  If the bathroom is a wreck, the week has been long…REALLY long.  If the refrigerator is empty or not cleaned out, I haven’t been diligent to follow the eating plan my dietitan has laid out for me to maximize performance and regulate weight.  And if they’re both a total mess, then it’s been a “wheels off” kind of week and I’ll most likely spend the weekend sleeping (when I’m not training) in order to recover from the week.

On the left, the current state of my fridge.  On the right, the current state of my bathroom.  It’s been a LOOOOONG week.  But the good news is, I’m winning at the nutrition game!  Not so much of a winner at the “pick up my dirty laundry and put it in the hamper game.”  Or the “take the empty toilet paper roll off and put the new roll on” game either.  BUT if I can only pick one, I think I’m winning at the BETTER game.  Indicies over time have shown that those (read here: “me”) who consistently over a long period of time make healthy nutrition choices (especially in high-stress/high activity situations as my last few weeks have been), reap benefits that keeping the bathroom picked up can’t even touch!

Yup, all indicies are pointing to a great racing season…now all I’ve gotta do is get through this wonderfully-wildly-exciting-crammed-full-of-stuff-that-needs-my-input-and-attention season in my life and all will be smooooooooooth sailing!  And oh yeah, I mayhaps will do a load of laundry just for posterity’s sake.

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