An Open Love Letter

Dear Coach-Scheduled Rest Day,

I love you so much.  You are few and far between.  But sweet bluebonnets on a bright and clear Texas spring morning, this week I got to love on you TWICE!  The Coach-Scheduled Rest Day gods, they have been kind this set of seven days. 

You are so much more buff and handsome than those self-appointed rest days.  You know the ones…dressed up in personal excuses to myself and my coach…funky with the stench of misplaced focus.  But not you, nooooooo not you! 

As I get stronger and we plow ever deeper into the tri season, I will see less and less of you.  But, my stylish white couch with a manly gray background, please know, even in your absence, I will not forget you, nor will my love for you wane one iota. 

An Open Love Letter.jpg

While my zeal for triathlon compels me to train, train, train, every mile logged brings me closer to our inevitable reunion.  Thus, I will log those miles, some whilst smiling, some whilst pouting, most definitely some whilst complaining.  With the knowledge that you, somewhere along the way, wait patiently for me, your brown-haired; sweat-soaked; heavy-legged heartthrob to appear.  

I could wax on and on of my affections toward you, but alas, yesterday was your day, today, I must ride, and the day it draws dark. 

Until we meet again, I shall forever remain, faithfully yours.