The last few months have been one big mulligan for me.  A ‘do-over’ of sorts.  In late October I logged onto my blog to back up my writing to an external drive and SURPRISE, my blog no longer existed.  Due to an error by the hosting company, five years of writing was gone…irrevocably lost.  I was devastated! 

At the end of October, I started the six week process of Intraocular Lens Implant surgeries to correct my vision in both eyes.  However, in that six weeks, I was unable to train due to heavy post-surgery restrictions.  Embarrassingly I continued to eat as if I were still training and was rewarded with a 17-pound weight gain.  ACK!

A week and a half after my first surgery, thanks to my poor planning, when it came to moving dates, I packed my life and moved into a new place.  An undertaking that relied heavily on the kindness of friends to help pack/unpack and movers to help move from one third floor home to another, as post-surgery I wasn’t allowed to lift anything heavier than a half-full bag of groceries.  The change in homes meant more space, but was frustrating and a bit overwhelming as I was heavily dependent on others during those few days of moving. 

Currently I am working with a friend to give structure to a business that is poised to be wildly successful, and the process is exhausting.  I struggle when it comes to receiving feedback on things I’ve created.  Not because I believe myself to be perfect.   Rather, because I have rejection issues (a subject for another post, another day).  Those deeply ingrained issues cause the act of sharing my ideas with others, and getting their input (good & bad) to be almost unbearably painful for me.  So much so that I’ve many times throughout my life walked away from what could have been something wonderful to avoid the pain of potential rejection.

And, here I sit, halfway through the first month of a new year, with fancy new eyes, rebuilding a lost blog, challenging myself to stay the course and endure the nauseating peaks and sometimes tearful valleys of establishing a business all while training for the coming triathlon season.  A new season, yet another mulligan; a chance to better the athletic performances I posted the year before.

Yeah, lots of change, do-overs, fresh starts, (however you want to refer to them) causing great upheaval in my world right now. BUT the good news: all still remains well.  Do-overs are rare, let alone so highly concentrated into one short period of time.  How fortunate I am to get the chance to refocus, repurpose, redirect so many high value areas of my life.  All the discomfort is worth the “one more chance” I’ve been gifted.  It’s going to be a memorable journey, wanna come along?  Then hitch your wagon to the blog and keep coming back for dispatches from this entertaining trek called “my life.”