Race Report // 3M Half Marathon (Austin, TX)

I struggled in mile 8 & 9, not because of HR or strength, but because it was so dadgum muggy that I was physically uncomfortable.  Even if I’d been running naked, I still would’ve been miserable.  THIS is why I will NEVER have dreams of racing in Hawaii in October with all those other great triathletes.  Humidity and/or heat and I are sworn enemies!

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Race ReportsNovia Plummer
When Showing Up Isn't Enough

I showed up, but showing up wasn't enough.  I went through the motions, but I know there could've been, should've been more of me poured out on that chilly 400-meter oval of soul-killing; speed-forging; lung-sucking red crushed rubber sealed in polyurethane.  I know that.

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Novia Plummer