Copenhagen Monday // "What If" Never Went To The Arena

Being a triathlete has over the years, gently restructured how I deal with pain and disappointment.  It's challenged my lack of discipline and rewarded me every time I showed up even when I didn't want to and even when I donned my favorite well-worn funky attitude to alert anyone stupid enough to stand close to me for longer than a second, how much I didn't want to be there.  

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Novia Plummer
...just like riding a bike

Prior to my two-week break, the lionshare of my training was structured running to build miles for the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of this past October.  But tonight, as I was setting up my bike to ride an easy 45-minutes, I was a bit giddy.  During the ride, I had to pull back reminding myself that I was riding to cadence, not HR.  That this ride was an eeeeeeeezzzee ride. 

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TrainingNovia Plummer